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Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island Card Game

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Thrilling Card Game: Roam around in the exciting world of Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island, a card game centred around an investigative adventure. Is it business as usual on this volcanic island or is something else going on? Adventurous Gameplay: This exciting card game allows you to become an investigator�explore locations, combine items, find clues, talk to people, and make critical decisions, providing an engaging and interactive gaming experience Cooperative Game: In our card game, each member takes on a different role and cooperates to uncover hidden secrets. The cooperative gameplay encourages players to exchange adventure cards, move characters, reveal the location, and take crucial decisions Board Game for Game Nights: Suitable for age 12 and above, the card game has an approximately 5-hour playing time and can accommodate 1 to 4 players, making it an ideal choice for game nights or even a solo gaming session Components: The card game includes the following components: 120 adventure cards, 1 adventure book, 4 character figure tokens, 20 location cards, and 38 tokens

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