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Catskills Records - Catskills Records: 20 Years Of Victory Vinyl

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A1 ?Sonorous Star Indian Motorcycles Producer ? Sonorous Star Written-By ? A. Mallassi, K. Mallassi 5:29
A2 ?Pepe Delux??Salami Fever Turntables ? Mex Written-By ? J. Salo, P. Malmstr?? 3:30
A3 ?The Ripps Loco Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By ? Tom Livemore Written-By ? P. Lagunas, R. Butt, R. Lagunas 2:19
A4 ?Husky Rescue Summertime Cowboy Lyrics By ? Mikka Lommi Producer ? Marko Nyberg Vocals ? Reeta-Leena Korhola Written-By ? M. Nyberg, M. Lommi 3:25
A5 ?Hardkandy Three Days Guitar ? Will Holland Horns ? The Gobstoppers Lyrics By, Vocals ? John Hughes (3) Producer ? Hardkandy Written-By ? J. Hughes, S. Little, T. Bidwell, W. Holland 3:24
B1 ?Feature Cast Channel Surfing Featuring ? Kool Keith Written-By ? B. Human, C. Miller, Corduroy, K. Thornton, L. Mintram, M. Smith, T. Randolf 2:59
B2 ?Pepe Delux??Pussy Cat Rock Turntables ? Mex Written-By ? J. Salo, P. Malmstr?? 2:20
B3 ?Pepe Delux??Woman In Blue Producer ? James Spectrum Written-By ? Creamer, J. Salo, T. Paajanen, T. Hatch, Layton, V. Maurola 5:32
B4 ?Husky Rescue Tree House (Edit) Producer ? Marko Nyberg Written-By ? A. Bentley, J. Kal??, M. Nyberg 3:57
B5 ?Husky Rescue My Shelter Producer ? Marko Nyberg Vocals ? Ringa Manner Written-By ? A. Bentley, M. Nyberg 3:35
C1 ?Bushy & Professor Drop Arranged By, Producer ? Bushy Engineer ? Bushy, Dan Duffel Written-By ? J. Bingham 5:21
C2 ?Black Grass Oh Jah Producer ? Black Grass Vocals ? Jah Marnyah Written-By ? E. Skerritt, I. Thompson 4:10
C3 ?Husky Rescue New Light Of Tomorrow Lyrics By, Vocals [Vox] ? Sam Shingler Producer ? Marko Nyberg Written-By ? M. Nyberg, S. Shingler 4:52
C4 ?Hardkandy Moonlight Producer ? Hardkandy Vocals ? Jass Banks Written-By ? S. Little, T. Bidwell 4:51
D1 ?Pepe Delux??The Storm Producer ? Pepe Delux??Written-By ? J. Salo, P. Malmstr?? 3:16
D2 ?Bushy Never (Bonobo Remix) Remix ? Bonobo Remix, Producer [Additional] ? Simon Green (2) Vocals ? I. K. Dell Written-By ? A. Noland, G. A. Webster, L. Bonner, M. E. Jones, M. Pierce, N. B. Napier, R. Middlebrooks, W. Morrison Written-By, Producer ? J. Bingham Written-By, Producer, Arranged By ? Bushy 5:20
D3 ?Husky Rescue Last Dance Producer ? Marko Nyberg Vocals ? Sofia Chaichee Written-By ? M. Nyberg, M. Lommi 3:38
D4 ?Zero Theory Mysterious Beautiful Producer ? Dan Gardner (2) Written-By ? D. Gardner 5:35
E1 ?Pepe Delux??Go, Girl, Go! Drums ? Teppo M??ynen Mixed By ? James Spectrum Performer, Recorded By ? James Spectrum, Paul Malmstr?? Producer ? Pepe Delux??Vocals ? Marica Wahlstr??, Satu Jokiluhta, Venla Pesonen Written-By ? J. Salo, P. Malmstr?? 3:05
E2 ?The Mexican (2) Spunky Love Fun Producer, Arranged By ? Mex Written-By ? I. Thompson 6:18
E3 ?Capsule (2) Week-End Written-By, Producer, Arranged By ? H. Schuhmann, V. Haddadene 4:52
E4 ?Husky Rescue Sound Of Love Producer ? Marko Nyberg Written-By ? J. Salo, M. Nyberg 4:14
F1 ?Pepe Delux??That Remix Of That Track You've Been Looking For 4:49
F2 ?Black Grass Nice Up Horns ? The Gobstoppers Producer, Mixed By ? Black Grass Written-By ? C. Faure, I. Thompson 5:31
F3 ?Bushy & Professor Vs Sonic Boo Sqezy Sould Arranged By, Producer ? Bushy Engineer ? Bushy, Dan Duffel Written-By ? J. Bingham 4:32
F4 ?Pepe Delux??A Night And A Day Producer ? Pepe Delux??Written-By ? J. Salo, P. Malmstr?? 4:04

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