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Humf Vol 3 Humf and the Fluffy Thing DVD

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.


Humf is a furry thing. He is short and round and purple and cuddly. At three years old, Humf is full of wonder at the world, and is always eager to explore the new things he sees around him. Humf is thoughtful and self-reliant, but he also has a lot to learn. He listens to his Mum and Dad and he listens to his best friends, Loon and Wallace. Then he thinks about what they all have to say, but in the end he usually has to find out for himself. Humf knows what the questions are, even if the answers take a little longer to find.

Episodes comprise:

1. Humf and the Fluffy Thing
2. Wallace's Quiet Game
3. Humf's Red Mittens
4. Humf Climbs a Mountain
5. Uncle Hairy's Restaurant
6. Uncle Hairy's Cinema
7. Mum and Dad's Party
8. Loon's Ballet Lesson
9. Humf's Surprise
10. Humf and The Bedbugs
11. Humf and Wallace Fall Down
12. Humf Changes His Mind
13. Humf's Dad Goes on an Aeroplane
14. Humf Puts it in the Bin
15. Humf's Dog
16. Wallace's Tie

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