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League of Legends Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Star Guardian Kai'Sa 19 cm

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Outside the combat of Summoner's Rift, the world of League of Legends is a vast realm of alternate worlds and universes to explore. One such example is the universe of Star Guardian, where young warriors like Kai'Sa are chosen by fate to protect the light of the stars.

One of the newest Star Guardian team captains, Kai'Sa is a natural born leader and defender of the weak. A second year with a distinct love for peach boba, she idolizes the Star Guardians as well as all they stand for. Though she might be trying a bit too hard, her heart burns with the desire to help others, and she'd do anything protect the world from darkness.

The highly articulable 'Dynamic 8action Heroes' range is back with a cutesy bang, with the release of the DAH-068 League of Legends Star Guardian Kai'Sa. Beast Kingdom's latest action figure incorporates 20 points of articulation for a fully customizable collectable. A set of replaceable face sculpts are included to give Star Guardian Kai'Sa two different looks depending on her mood! Star Guardian Kai'Sa also comes with her two shoulder cannons, plasma attack accessories, and her ever loyal, trustworthy magical medium, Ina!

Always up for a round of extra training, Star Guardian Kai'Sa is ready to be added to your collection! Order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today.

Included accessories:

- DAH design, with around 20 points of articulation
- Two (2) pairs of replaceable hands (Fist, open)
- Two (2) Shoulder cannons
- Two (2) Plasma basic attacks
- Magical familiar, Ina
- Branded base, with logo and bracket

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