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Marvel Art Scale Statue 1/10 Wakanda Forever Black Panther 21 cm

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Wearing a costume designed by herself, light and almost indestructible, made exclusively of Vibranium that makes her immune to most of the physical damage from conventional weapons. Ready for combat with retractable and extendable Vibranium claws embedded in the gloves, and equipped with sound-absorbing shoes that nullify all the noise and allow her to move like a true feline. Over a base filled with details that present the royal palace of Wakanda in miniature, a Wakandan aircraft Royal Talon Fighter taking off, the panther symbol totem statue appearing between the rocks, with all her back decorated with silver claws, and the coat of arms in the front, Iron Studios proudly present the statue "Black Panther Shuri BDS - Wakanda Forever - Art Scale 1/10", with the princess of Wakanda taking on the majestic mantle of the Panther and continuing the legacy of her brother as seen in the 30th movie of the MCU, nominated for 5 Academy Awards (Winner of Best Costume Design), 2 Golden Globes and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

T'Challa, the Black Panther king of Wakanda is dying of a terminal illness, and his sister Shuri believes that she can cure him with the mythic Heart-Shaped Herb. Since the last specimens of the herb was destroyed by Killmonger, Shuri tries to recreate it synthetically but is unable to do so before T'Challa dies. Under pressure from other nations for sharing their Vibranium, a year later, Queen Ramonda begs Shuri to continue her research on the Herb in the hope of creating a Black Panther to defend Wakanda, but Shuri refuses. When military and American agents are killed by Namor and his disciples while searching for Vibranium underwater, Wakanda is held responsible, but Namor confronts Ramonda and Shuri, threatening to attack them in case they don't surrender the scientist responsible for the Vibranium detector, the MIT student Riri Williams. He shows Shuri his underwater kingdom Talokan, rich in Vibranium, but after Nakia helps Shuri and Williams to escape Talokan, Namor attacks Wakanda, drowning Ramonda while she saves Williams. After her mother's funeral, Shuri uses a remnant of the Herb she gave to Namor's people and her superhuman abilities to reconstruct the Heart-Shaped Herb. She eats it, gaining superhuman abilities and wearing a new Black Panther
costume accepted by the other Wakandan tribes, she seeks revenge against Namor.

Size: 21 cm

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