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RED5 Retro Handheld Video Game

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Retro 8-bit games are awesome, but playing them on old-school consoles meant sitting on the floor in front of the telly and trying not to yank on the cables that were shorter than the fidget spinner craze.
Fortunately, this pocket arcade console is completely portable and cable-free! Yep, this retro games controller has all of the 8-bit awesomeness that you're craving and none of the cables.

It runs off just 3 x AAA and has a built-in 1.8" screen plus onboard sound. But, we know what you're really itching to hear about... the games. And, yes, it has loads!
This pocket 8-bit console is packed full of over 150 games, which come pre-loaded. So, prepare to be kept busier than a cleaner at a dirt factory. Just navigate the menu, choose the game you're after, and get gaming! So, if you want to relive the glory days of gaming without being bound by cables, order your retro games console today!

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