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Bakugan Ultra Geogan Rising Season 3.0 - One At Random

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Take your game to the next level with Geogan Rising Bakugan Ultra. You have the power to make these fierce creatures perform an epic transformation. Roll them across the metal BakuCores (two included) and they?ll leap open, changing from BakuBall to Bakugan. Standing at 7.6cm tall, each Season 3 Bakugan Ultra has awesome detailing and its Faction symbol, bringing your favourite characters from the hit show to life (now on NETFLIX and POP TV). Now you can also collect Geogan (sold separately). These mysterious Bakugan feature new shapes and unique transformations for even more battling power. Ready to brawl? Enter battle with your mega-powerful creature and use the character and ability card (both included) optimised for your Bakugan, to defeat your opponent. Plus, use the included Gate-Card for even more ways to play and earn bonuses. With new and returning characters, add over 200 Season 3 Bakugan to your collection and create an army of awesome warriors ? then head into even more battles with your friends. Roll into action with Bakugan Ultra. 3?2?1, BAKUGAN BRAWL.

Bakugan Ultra Geogan Rising Season 3.0 - One At Random

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