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About Us

About Us - (Xbite Ltd)



We started as a one-man band.

Welcome to We are a fast paced, forward thinking, and dynamic internet based retailer of Video Games and entertainment products.

We operate from our custom built head office in Chesterfield, UK, which houses the central command station for our entire operation and is responsible for the picking, packing and dispatching of your order, as well as everything before, during and after that process. As avid gamers ourselves, when we first started out we felt as though there was a bit of an injustice in the gaming and entertainment offering online. We launched on ebay selling repaired and pre-owned video games and quickly spotted that there were a lot of gamers who felt the same way as us.

This Is What We Do.

We entered the market with a core objective of bringing the online community a video game and entertainment offering at the best possible value. Many years later we continue on that same path and have broadened our product offering to include categories like Music, DVD & Blu-ray, Books and Toys & Games. All in all we have almost 100,000 products for sale on our site and that offering is growing every day.



Launched our first ebay store selling repaired and pre-owned video games and quickly realised this was the path we wanted to take.



Launched as our flagship UK ecommerce store selling a range of products but specialising in Video Games as well as other gaming categories like Board & Card Games.



After listening to feedback from our customers it was clear that they wanted some form of loyalty scheme so we developed our Player Points program. Player Points are awarded on all orders and means you can get money off subsequent orders.



We moved into our custom built headquarters in Chesterfield, UK, where our entire operation is now based. This makes getting your order out to you much quicker.



We added thousands of products in the Vinyl Records and Books categories to our website and continue to diversify the products we have on offer to meet our customers needs.

Here's To The Future.

We will work tirelessly to bring you the most on trend products and the best prices and will push the boundaries of our product offering further and further to ensure is your one stop shop for all things entertainment.

"Video Games Ruined Our Lives, Good Job We Have Two More..."