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Anno 1800 Board Game

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Based on the Popular PC Game: Anno 1800, a city-building strategy board game based on Ubisoft�s PC game of the same name, tests players' ability to develop an industrial society on an island during the industrial age Strategic Board Game: The sun is rising in the age of industry; will you rise too? Dominate your opponents by trade or warfare and prove yourself as a ruler. Beware of relentless competition, as players can snatch achievements from others at any moment Gameplay: Strategise development and supply chains, balancing specialised roles like farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors across territories to achieve a well-rounded plan and emerge victorious in the game Board Games for Family Night: Suitable for age 12 and above, Anno 1800 has an approximate playing time of 120 minutes and can accommodate 2 to 4 players, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings and game nights Components: The game includes 4 home islands, 12 old world islands, 8 new world islands, 125 population cubes, 120 construction tokens, 38 gold tokens, 1 starting player token, 20 objective cards, 22 expedition cards, 4 game aids, 1 rulebook, and more

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