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Core Keeper PS5 Game

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Released on August 27th 2024 
Awaken as an explorer in a long-forgotten cavern teeming with untold secrets. In this award-winning, 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure, your choices shape an epic journey. Harvest relics and resources, craft advanced tools, build your base, and explore a dynamically evolving world waiting to be unearthed. Level up your skills, defeat legendary Titans, and unveil the power of the Core. Grow your garden, fish in mysterious waters, master a vast array of recipes, raise and care for animals, encounter the Cavelings, and carve out your own unique world in an enchanting underground adventure. Forge your own path through the underground. Delve deep to harvest precious resources and unearth hidden gems. Craft tools to help you survive, from pickaxes, fishing rods, and shovels to traps, bombs, and mortars. Upgrade your arsenal and equipment with advanced tools like the mighty Obliteration Ray, and automated machinery to streamline mining, smelting, storage, and more. Level up your skills and unlock powerful weapons to conquer the depths. Explore diverse biomes with unique ecosystems and long-forgotten lore. From the living walls of the Clay Caves to the crystal caverns of the Shimmering Frontier, discover more about this mysterious world as you uncover the secrets of the Cavelings. Build a boat to set sail across the Sunken Sea, race across the Desert of Beginnings, and encounter the remnants of ancient civilizations. Create a totally unique base using a variety of different materials and customisations. From the ultimate adventurer�s lair to a cozy underground cottage, shape the underground your way. Customize your character�s appearance and choose from an array of powerful armor and unique outfits to suit the moment. Express yourself with complete freedom in Creative Mode, a no-limits building and crafting experience, and expand your adventure with community-created mods via fully integrated mod support. Face legendary Titans that hold the secret to this long-forgotten world. Sharpen your combat skills against a variety of monsters and mini-bosses, spend talent points to level up your abilities, and plan your strategy to conquer these colossal creatures of the underground. Discover rare and powerful loot to help you on your journey and power up the Core. Enjoy the adventure solo or team up in 2-8 player drop-in/drop-out online co-op. Play your way and explore at your own pace � celebrate the seasons, trade with merchants, hatch your new best friends, design the ultimate base, automate resource gathering, host your own dedicated server, create music on playable instruments and discover an unforgettable sandbox adventure.
Core Keeper PS5 Game Core Keeper PS5 Game

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