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Crazy Forts Glow in the Dark Edition 69 Pieces Fort Building Kit

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The Original Fort Builder! Maybe it's somehow related to our ancestors need to build shelter, but children will use pretty much anything they can get their hands on to build a fort! Dad, inventor and Crazy Forts! creator Jim Whitney found himself wondering why there wasn�t a toy that could be assembled and reconfigured in different life size shapes. �I wanted something that could be a cave today, a pirate ship tomorrow and a castle the next. Oh! And you�d be able to drape sheets over it and hide out!� Crazy Forts! let's children create any number of structures with just two pieces of durable plastic and then drape it with bedsheets. Crazy Forts! is the perfect toy for children to exercise their creativity and imagination, not to mention providing inspiration for the budding architect or engineer in the family. With Crazy Forts! building the structure is just as much fun as the play that goes with it once the build is finished.

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