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EXIT: The Professor's Last Riddle

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EXIT THE RIDDLE – Still reeling from the news of your favourite archaeology professor’s passing, you have been enlisted in a rather peculiar assignment. Instead of a will he has left an envelope with some postcards and a series of clues. Grab your passports – you’re about to embark on a global treasure hunt! Can you solve the riddles and uncover the mystery of the professor’s legacy? THE GREAT ESCAPE - All you have is a book and a strange disk to solve a series of riddles. Use strategy, riddle-solving skills and a little luck to find the solution to the puzzle at hand. Get your pen, paper, and stopwatch ready! TWISTS, TURNS & TEAMWORK - The Exit Games are all about family fun for ages 12 and up. Round up your team for a challenging but not too difficult game. Put your mind to work, and think out of the box for this creative and resourceful gameplay! IT’S GAME TIME: Get set for a game time of 1-2 hours. Add the Kosmos helper app for a timer, tips, instructions and more. This strategy game has 86 cards – 11 strange items, 6 postcards, 1 poster, 1 sticker sheet, 1 letter, 1 balloon, 1 rulebook and 1 decoder disk THAMES & KOSMOS: The EXIT Series is one of our many award-winning games. A series that allows you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team spirit of an escape room to the comfort of your living room. Feel the thrill of it all!

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