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Falcon Contemporary Piccadilly Circus Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces

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Piccadilly Circus is the vibrant, beating heart of London and in this 1000-piece puzzle, British illustrator Mohan Ballard has perfectly captured the energy and excitement that defines this world-famous destination. By combining a bold colour palette with intricate details, the iconic architecture and unique characters are brought to life, including Union Jack flags flying in the breeze, street performers entertaining tourists and red Routemaster buses weaving their way through the capital’s streets. Falcon Contemporary puzzles are casting a spotlight on the finest in modern artwork and designs. Our artists are carefully selected to represent a diverse range of styles to appeal to puzzlers worldwide. We use only 100% recycled cardboard, cut with the thinnest knife possible to produce a seamless look. The range has also been developed with smaller, more compact boxes and free from plastic shrink wrap to create a more sustainable way to puzzle. Designed and crafted with a passion for excellence, we pride ourselves on Falcon representing unbeatable quality and choice. Ever since Falcon began creating puzzles over 160 years ago, quality has remained our obsession. To this day, we use only the most exacting techniques to produce puzzles of the highest quality, ensuring enthusiasts across the world enjoy every puzzling experience from start to finish. We use environmentally friendly recycled cardboard, cut precisely to make sure each piece retains its unique fit and optimum shape for a seamless fit, time after time.

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