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Hinomoto Heavy Industries Action Figure Ocean Exploration Robot Denshitako No. 3 Coral Reef Color Ver. 9 cm

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The latest DENSHITAKO No.3 is coming out in cute pastel colors!
From the world of CREATORS SOFVI, OCEAN EXPLORATION ROBOT DENSHITAKO No.3 is joining Kotobukiya's lineup as a PVC figure in an original pastel-based coloring!

These "Hinomoto Heavy Industries" exploration robots were brought to life by illustrator and sculptor HAKURO. In this artist collaboration between Kotobukiya and Hinomoto Heavy Industries, the ocean exploration robot "DENSHITAKO No.3" is being made into a PVC figure in colors inspired by beautiful corals, the "Coral Reef Color Ver"!

DENSHITAKO No. 3 is an ocean exploration robot produced by the fictional company Hinomoto Heavy Industries. The robot's design is based on an umbrella octopus and can adapt to a wide range of environments from ocean depths to fresh waters.

Beloved by many for its cute appearance and high functionality, DENSHITAKO No. 3 has been active in various settings besides ocean exploration.

Each unit has its own individual personality but the DENSHITAKO models at Hinomoto Heavy Industries are all cheerful and friendly.

~ Hinomoto Heavy Industries ~
Hinomoto Heavy Industries is a company that primarily develops exploration robots in a futuristic Japan, where technological development has far surpassed current capabilities.

The company's philosophy is "to always care for and cherish one's belongings."

As a result, Hinomoto Heavy Industries has invested in developing its maintenance department and creating robots with cute designs that will be loved by all.

Product Specifications:
?The figure was sculpted with close supervision from the original designer HAKURO in order to recreate the look of the original soft vinyl figurine.
?This full-action figure has 11 points of articulation.
?This figure comes with the following face parts: "looking forward (default)," "looking right (winking)," and "looking forward (sparkling)"! Users can enjoy changing the character's line of sight by exchanging the face parts.
?The kit includes an interchangeable set of folded arms that can be used to recreate cute poses!
?The legs utilize pop-out joints that accommodate posing without disrupting the character's cute design.
?The back is equipped with a 3mm connection point that is compatible with stands that utilize 3mm joints, such as the separately-sold M.S.G New Flying Base. Use this feature to display the figure in underwater exploration scenes.
*A stand is not included in this product.

Included Items:
?Face Parts (Looking Forward (Default), Looking Right (Winking), Looking Forward (Sparkling))
?Left and Right Arm Parts (Straight, Folded)

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