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iMP Trigger Treadz: Limited Edition Project Scorpio Trigger Grips Xbox One | Xbox Series X

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There's nothing worse than preparing yourself to score that vital goal, finishing off that end of level boss or taking your friend down with a headshot only to be on the receiving end because your finger slipped off the trigger! Trigger Treads are a unique patent pending design that attaches to your controller triggers and give you improved grip.

This Limited Edition pack, featuring specially designed grips to celebrate the launch of the Xbox One Project Scorpio console, includes 2 pairs of Trigger Treads with one pair coloured black and the other in green. The grips feature a strong adhesive that won't peel when the gaming gets hot but can easily be removed without any residue.

Trigger Treads will fit all Microsoft Xbox One controllers including Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox One Elite.

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