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Marvel Animated Statue Scarlet Witch 13 cm

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Pointing out to a horizon filled with amazing possibilities, waving for a countless legion of fans and admirers, directing the path of success for the worldwide pop culture, thanking the partnership of great master illustrators, showing off his most incredible and memorable creations, acknowledging his prestige, or indicating which superheroes will always be present as successes on the collective imaginary, always with his unmistakable pair of glasses, his inseparable mustache, and his unforgettable smile and youthful spirit, Iron Studios pay tribute once more to the late master of comics and an architect of a universe of superheroes, proudly presenting the statue "Stan Lee Legendary Years - Pow! Studios - Art Scale 1/10", kindly celebrating his legacy, with respect and admiration to the genius creator of dreams, in the year that his legend completes 100 years.

"Stan Lee Presents':", with this striking phrase, for decades, millions of fans and readers all around the world entered amazing journeys, living fabulous, fantastic, spectacular, incredible, powerful, and majestic adventures in the comic book pages of a fictional and utopian universe, many of them conducted by Stanley Lieber, known better as Stan "The Man" Lee. Creator of some of the most popular and praised Superheroes, Lee humanized his characters, that faced personal issues and emotional crises, that could eventually make mistakes and learn from them, qualities with which readers could relate, although, without forgetting the moral principles, an ethics code, and a line of integrity that led these legends to the heroism. He taught us that "with great powers comes great responsibility", in a playful and fun way, and used his powers as a writer, editor, publisher, producer, director, entrepreneur, and even actor (with his unforgettable and unusual appearances in the movies and animations of his heroes) in a memorable and
exemplary way, perpetuating his name as beloved as his creations.

Size: 21 x 14,5 x 14,5 cm

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