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Neon Genesis Evangelion PVC Statue 1/7 Nagisa Kaworu Ver. Radio Eva 26 cm

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The "Gattai Robot Musashi" is back with a new Gattai series!

In the 70's, the "Combined Giant Ship Yamato" left a strong impact with its innovative design where the bridge of the ship became a robot. That bridge robot, "Combined (Gattai) Robot Musashi," is now back with a beautiful girl as the third figure in the "New Gattai Series," "GATTAI Musashi"!

?The kit includes "Gattai Robot Musashi" and "Nagisa Jinguji".
?The "Gattai Robot Musashi" has been rearranged from the original design to give it a more massive styling with a heavier presence.
?The "Gattai Robot Musashi" has a common frame structure and comes with joint parts that allow you to freely exchange and reassemble parts.
?It can also be reassembled with the parts of the "GATTAI ATLANGER" (already released).
?The "Gattai Robot Musashi" can be separated into four machines.
?The "Gattai Robot Musashi" can be recreated almost exactly as it was designed by simply assembling it, thanks to the parts division and color coding.
?The newly designed chimney cannon, drill and anchor rod are all included.
?Nagisa Jinguji's body is the same as the rest of the series, allowing you to pose her in any way you like.
?Nagisa also comes with 5 different hand parts and 3 different face parts that allow you to pose her in a variety of different situations.
?Nagisa Jinguji also comes with face parts without tampons and expression decals for even more poses.
?Nagisa Jinguji comes with two hair parts: a normal hair part and a cap hair part.
?You can attach the parts of "Gattai Robot Musashi" to "Nagisa Jinguji"

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