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Nerf Gelfire Ignitor Blaster Toy

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Burst into battle with Nerf Pro Gelfire blasters featuring hydrated rounds that burst on impact! The blasters deliver high-performance blasting to ignite your competitive advantage. Nerf Pro Gelfire rounds come hydrated in the box and fire from the blaster at a high velocity, bursting when they hit a target. No need to pick up the gel rounds! The Nerf Pro Gelfire Ignitor blaster packs a lot of power in a compact size, making it the perfect sidekick blaster to take along so you�re always ready for action. The blaster includes 300 hydrated Nerf Pro Gelfire soft super absorbent polymer projectiles, and has 60-round capacity, t-pull priming, trigger lock, and protective eyewear. Outdoor use recommended. For ages 14 and up. NERF and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. Includes: blaster, 1x 300 round packet, protective eyewear, and instructions. Ages 14 and up TO AVOID EYE INJURY: WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Use of eyewear always required for players and people within range. Use only official NERF GelFire Rounds. Do not freeze or modify rounds. Do not modify blaster. Impact from rounds may cause temporary marks on skin. Ages 14 and up. Read instructions before use for important safety information. Do not eat. Keep away from pets. Rounds may stain.

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