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Power Rangers Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Alpha 5 17 cm

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I n a secret base of operations known as Command Center in the desert of California, a small sentient multifunctional robot, with a black body covered by a detailed red and golden armor, with a disk-shaped head and a red stripe for eyes, acts as the assistant for the wise wizard Zordon and for the group of heroes known as Power Rangers. Although he is a robot, he has many emotions which makes him almost human, and in the most stressful situations he always expresses his panic or euphoria shouting repeatedly "YI" several times. Expanding their collection even further for the loved series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and responding to the request of many fans and collectors, Iron Studios bring the statue "Alpha 5 Deluxe Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Art Scale 1/10", with the kind assistant and robot mentor of the Rangers on a pedestal of the
heroes' Command Center next to a control panel.

Built by King Lexian in the planet Edenoi thousands of years ago, Alpha created a strong
friendship bond with the wizard Zordon of Eltar, that became a father figure for the small robot
creature, that in return became his ally and trusty assistant. Obeying every command and order
from Zordon, Alpha 5, or simply "Alpha" as he is most called, was the architect responsible for the
creation of the Command Center and for finding the group of five young friends and taking them
to the galactic wizard, as chosen to face evil in the form of the Sorceress Rita Repulsa. Operating
from inside the headquarters most of the time, monitoring the activities of the wicked Rita
Repulsa and her minions, when necessary, Alpha can hit his enemies with energy electric charges
and has also the ability to create organic matter, like flowers. or he can use his powers to create

Product size: approx. 17 x 16 x 15 cm

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