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Reverie Knights Tactics PC Game

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Reverie Knights Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG with strategic battles in isometric grids where every decision can alter the story. Travel through a hand-drawn fantasy world and lead your heroes in a story-rich adventure. Embark on an expedition to find Lennorien, the long lost Elvian city to save your loved ones, while fighting the goblin menace that spreads terror across the continent. Lead your party of heroes, each one with distinct, special abilities and skills, allowing you to use multiple battle strategies to defeat your enemies. Discover a fantasy world featuring a detailed map and scenario exploration in an epic adventure, visual novel style. Craft new items and accessories from the treasures you collect and use them for tactical advantage every time you configure your characters

  • Embark on a quest to save the ones you lost
  • Fight in classical turn-based tactical battles
  • 4 different heroes, each one with distinct, special abilities and skills
  • Discover a hand-drawn fantasy world full of secrets
  • Craft items and customise your characters

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