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Wrebbit 3D Empire State Building Jigsaw Puzzle - 975 Pieces

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One of America�s most famous icons, The Empire State Building was built in the 1930s in just 410 days. Standing 443 m high, it was the first building with more than 100 floors and 73 elevators. Relive the building experience with our 104 cm 3D puzzle.

This impressive 975 piece completed puzzle measures 34.0 x 21.0 x 104.0 cm and is suitable for ages 12+.

Proudly made in Canada from non-toxic polyethylene foam, Wrebbit 3D puzzles are the sturdiest 3D jigsaw puzzles on the market today. They also have the highest piece count and are the largest of their kind. Wrebbit 3D puzzle fans are overwhelmed by the quality of the designs and true to like illustrations. No other company is designing and producing comparable 3D puzzles.

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