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Zenith Nintendo Switch Game

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An Action RPG packed with humor, magic and singular characters. Get ready to meet the definitive anti-hero and the troop that will join him in this ambitious adventure.

Another Action RPG? Well, Zenith will be many things, but among them is not a common release. This delirious adventure will take you to a peculiar kingdom of magic, with orcs that are morons, clumsy wizards, hero apprentices with little tolerance, a political plot of the highest level and giant spiders that sings opera.

Play as Argus Windell, a pretty good wizard - Argus will embark on the most dangerous adventure of his life. Explore a fantasy world filled with references to RPG classic, where you'll upgrade Argus' weaponry and spell catalogue, as well as his clothing. Unleash earth, ice and fire-based magic in detailed locations including abandoned temples, villages, and treasure-filled dungeons.

Argus knows everything there is to know about ancient artefacts, that all changed after an apocalyptic event. Now Argus is a retired hero who makes potions and is just looking for some peace and quiet. That all changes when a group of heroes show up in town looking for an ancient artefact to save the world. Can you keep the dangers of the artefact out of the wrong hands?

Key Features:

  • Explore a world of possibilities: Explore a fully-realized fantasy realm and one of those world map things we used to love.
  • Face huge bosses, dangerous foes, and angsty teenagers: Find tons of parodies and pop culture references � let�s see if you can recognise them all.
  • Unlock special abilities: Upgrade basic combo movements with an all-powerful �final blow� type move!

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